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Why guys get distant I Look Swinger Couples

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Why guys get distant

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What had I gotten myself. Would you like to do a little harmless flirting during the work day.

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Sometimes, you might not even want to see the guy again yourself distnt you were just looking for a night of fun — but it still stings when he withdraws. Other times, you were hoping a friendship would blossom into something more once you got down and dirty together, why guys get distant instead, it slowly vanishes into.

There are a few reasons men tend to get distant after sex — whhy a few different ways to handle it. This makes us want to do things like cuddle, spill our deepest secrets, and have lots of babies. Okay, why guys get distant not that last one, always — but if you start having fantasies about settling down and popping out kids, oxytocin can take the blame.

Men, on the other hand, experience a drop in testosterone why guys get distant sex, which makes them feel like pulling away. But right after sex might not be the best time to initiate a big talk about the future. Gus, right after you gyys sex, the absolute worst thing you can do gay massage detroit start peppering your sleepy lover with questions about how he feels, what he wants, and what the future might hold.

It can be hard to get over feeling hurt when a guy you really like pulls the distancing act.

Give him space, and wait to have any big talks about what it all means. Like most things in life, communication is key when it comes to sex.

Just remember: Want to up your sexting game? Our editor Nadia explains how….

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Hellooooo…is anybody out there? What to do about it It can be hard to get over feeling hurt when a guy you really like pulls the distancing act.

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